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5 Steelers named to 2008 Pro Bowl

Five Pittsburgh Steelers were voted to the 2008 Pro Bowl including two starters. *DCsteelerfanbyheart beat me to it in the diaries*

OG Alan Faneca - seventh consecutive selection
LB James Harrison - well deserved first trip (even beat out Merriman)

RB Willie Parker - second trip
S Troy Polamalu - fourth straight trip
QB Ben Roethlisberger - it's about time Ben gets his first trip

Not that these selections mean anything to most people because it's a meaningless game that most of the guys drop out of anyways but it's nice to see a guy like James Harrison get some love from the voters. Congrats to all these guys and bring us back a T-shirt from Hawaii.

Here's some other guys who will be having fun on the island next Feruary:

Braylon Edwards
Jonathon Ogden (has he even play a whole game this year)
DeMarco Ryans (starter at ILB over Ray Ray)
Brett Farve (starter for the NFC squad)
Larry Fitzgerald (starter, really a starter?)
Adrian Peterson (of course the starter)
Patrick Willis (backup but still great season from the rookie)
Jared Allen (starter and a free agent in the offseason)