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Steelers vs Ravens: Injury reports

If you don't have the rosters in front of you for Sunday's game against the hated Ravens, you might say to yourself, "who are these guys?" Not only does this game mean nothing (unless the Chargers lose to the putrid Raiders) to the Steelers but the Ravens are ravaged with injuries. Kyle Boller and Willis McGahee have already been ruled out for the game and several other stars are questionable to doubtful with injuries. This is likely to look like a preseason game by the second half. Here are the injury reports according to

Practice Report
Did Not Participate
Wednesday: LB Clint Kriewaldt (neck), WR Willie Reid (shoulder), T Marvel Smith (back)
Thursday: LB Andre Frazier (groin), LB Clint Kriewaldt (neck), S Troy Polamalu (knee), T Marvel Smith (back)

Limited Participation in Practice
Wednesday: LB Andre Frazier (groin), QB Ben Roethlisberger (ankle)
Thursday: WR Willie Reid (shoulder), QB Ben Roethlisberger (ankle), CB Allen Rossum (hamstring)

Did Not Participate In Practice
Wednesday: QB Kyle Boller (head), WR Mark Clayton (head), TE Todd Heap (thigh), LB Ray Lewis (back), RB Willis McGahee (chest), S Gerome Sapp (thigh), TE Quinn Sypniewski (head), TE Daniel Wilcox (thigh)
Thursday: QB Kyle Boller (head), TE Todd Heap (thigh), LB Ray Lewis (back), RB Willis McGahee (chest), S Gerome Sapp (thigh), TE Quinn Sypniewski (head)

Limited Participation in Practice
Wednesday: RB Mike Anderson (thigh), T Jonathan Ogden (thigh), WR Demetrius Williams (ankle)
Thursday: RB Mike Anderson (thigh), WR Mark Clayton (back), T Jonathan Ogden (thigh), TE Daniel Wilcox (thigh), WR Demetrius Williams (ankle)

I don't have to tell you that it looks like a M.A.S.H unit with all of those injuries. We will get our first look at Ohio State product Troy Smith in his first start against Pittsburgh and running back will be a combination of Musa Smith and the hobbled Mike Anderson. Todd Heap looks like he'll miss another game, but that's no surprise as he's missed more games than he's played this year and the veteran Jonathan Ogden looks to still be beaten up with injuries in a forgettable season. Even Steeler hater, Ray Ray looks to be out for the season finale. The more I look at who will and who won't be playing I think the Steelers' second team can handle the team that will take the field for the Ravens. I hope that Chris K, Willie Reid, Woodley, Timmons and even Darnell Stapleton get extended playing time this week. I wouldn't mind getting Ryan McBean suited up so that he can get his first live action.