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Post Game Quotes after another Steelers Win

Here's your post game quotes from Coach T, Ward, Big Ben, Larry Foote, and FWP. Nobody was at a loss for words last night so there's more after the jump.


It is great to get another win, particularly in our division and at home. We did fall short of perfection like we have in just about every game we have played thus far, but the guys were resilient. They didn't blink. They stayed the course and were able to get it done. They didn't start fast...We sputtered a little bit offensively. We were highly penalized. We had five penalties. It is tough to get a rhythm and get things started when you are penalized the way we were in the beginning of the game. We put the defense in some bad situations. They stiffened and responded. That was good to see and they did that all night. We openly talked about as a team, people having to expand their roles and having to deliver...Some of the guys with extended reputations and resumes leading the charge. I thought those guys did that tonight. Hines Ward was Hines Ward tonight, for example. I am excited and happy for him. It is a tremendous honor and one he truly deserves. I'm sure he will continue to move forward and playing winning ball for us. Like I said, it was great to get a win, particularly at home and against a division opponent. It is December. You have to find ways to keep stacking the wins and sticking them with the rest of them and moving forward. We were able to do that tonight.

What do you think about Willie Parker's fumbles?

We don't make excuses. The bottom line is that we have to do a better job of holding on to the ball and I think Willie will be the first to tell you that. The weather conditions are what they are. Our running backs have to have great ball security. We as a football team have to have great ball security.

Does Hines amaze you with some of his catches?

No. I have quickly gotten use to seeing it. He does it. He is a tough guy. He is a football player first and a wide receiver second. He makes plays when he doesn't have the ball in his hands. He makes plays when he does have the ball in his hands. He is a legitimate tough guy.

Is there an update on Najeh Davenport?

I don't know as of right now. I know he experienced some discomfort in his foot, particularly numbness. It is something that has developed over the past 24 hours or so. When we get more information, of course we will update you. We don't have enough information to say anything definitive at this point.

Did that happen on the field or off the field?

It happened in the last 24 (hours). Friday was the last time we practiced. We did a walk-through on Saturday. I would be speculating if I went into any more detail.

Do you have any concern about Willie Parker?

I have a lot of concerns. I don't have enough time to give you the laundry list. Willie is our feature ball carrier. He's got to hold onto the ball. He is a professional and he's done a great job to this point. We accept what was put on tape tonight, because that is us. We will make corrections and move forward and understand that it is unacceptable. I know he knows that.

Is this as good of a defensive effort as you have seen all year?

Arguably, yes. We put them out there in some tough circumstances, but this defense has a desire to be great. They understand they have no control over how they take the field. They have all of the control in the world over how they get off of it. They take pride in that. They take pride in defending every blade of grass if there is a blade of grass to defend and they do.

Hines Ward

How does it feel to be remembered with the great receivers in Steelers history?

It's definitely a great feeling to surpass Mr. Stallworth, Mr. Swann with the touchdown record. It's something that is a credit that hard work can pay off. I worked my tail off ever since I've been in this league. I worked my way up through special teams. Had to overcome a lot of adversity in my career, but to sit at the top of a prestigious franchise as the touchdown leader, I'm still ecstatic. I'll go home tonight and probably won't be able to sleep just reflecting back on all the guys who threw me touchdowns over my career. I remember warming up tonight with Ben (Roethlisberger). He said `let's get this touchdown record out of the way tonight.' It's just a great feeling to go out and put it past me. I really wanted it bad coming into this year, needing [five to tie, six to break] the record. It's a great feeling especially on a night where it's a big game, a divisional game...

You mentioned that you get up after a big hit smiling. Is that one of the ways you keep the opponent off balance?

Always. It demoralizes guys. Especially if they put a great hit on you. They think that you wouldn't get up from that and to get up smiling from it, all the guys kept commenting during the TV time outs. Cincinnati's players saying `Man, you're one hell of a football player.' That's the biggest compliment I can get from anybody. When your peers give you compliments like that, it's definitely a great feeling.

Were you worried when Ben missed you on the post that you wouldn't get another opportunity [to break the record tonight]?

No. He was trying. There were a couple of opportunities we missed down there. We both just shook our heads a couple of times. With the weather conditions, the balls were just slick. Some of them sailed on him. He kept apologizing, `I know you want it,' but for me, I'm not going to catch every ball. I'm going to go out there and do my darndest to go out there and catch it, but he's not going to make every throw perfect. He always says `I'm going to put it in the area. Just make a play for me.' That's something that as receivers we take pride in. I think Cedrick Wilson came in and made some huge conversions. Heath Miller is Heath Miller. He always is going to go out there and do that. All in all, it was a good night for everybody to help contribute to this win.

Are you sometimes in disbelief as to where you've wound up with this franchise?

It is. The media here, they are the ones who motivate me every year. Every year it seems like you have to go out and prove something, so I'd like to thank the media here. Guys try not to pay attention, but all you hear is `this guy gets him open.' I caught all of these balls and yards and touchdowns. Nobody caught them for me. I had to catch all of them myself. Nobody gave me anything. I just went and worked my tail off. It's a great story of hard work and perseverance. It pays off in the long run. For me being one of the leaders on this team, I try to lead by example. Hopefully the younger guys can see my work ethic that I put into it. I'm a great student of the game and whenever my years have gone by, hopefully I can look back and say `I helped those guys with their career, just like the guys who came before helped me...'

--Congrats again to Hines Ward.
--Tomlin doesn't seem to interested in adressing the Najeh 'injury' just yet.
--Foote sure seems ready for the NE game, are you?

QB Ben Roethlisberger

You threw the tying and record-breaking touchdown to Hines Ward. It had to feel good to throw it.

"It was. I told Hines [that] we wanted to get it at home. It means more. I'm glad that he got the first one to tie it up. And, then, I missed him on one right before he actually caught one a couple of plays later. I feel privileged to be the guy to get him the ball when he does that. I'm privileged to play with such a great wide receiver, person, athlete, football player, everything."

Did you make any adjustments after the first couple of drives?

"We went to the no-huddle. I think we moved the down the field pretty well in the no-huddle. I'm real proud of the way the offensive line played during those periods because it's not easy out there when I'm changing the play at the last minute. So, I'm real proud of the way they played."

Are you taking as many shots down the field as you'd like?

"Well, they're kind of watching that. And that's why you've got to take what they give you. Take the runs. They like to do a lot of two-high stuff. So, we'll get our shots when we need to."

Talk about your touchdown.

"I just took off. I was trying to hit Ced[rick Wilson] on the scramble and said, you know what, I'm just going to run it and see what I get. The guys kind of sat there. I took a shot earlier on a scramble and this time I said, `you know what, I'm going to try to go over the top.' I went over and thought I landed short, but I guess I got in."

Your first couple of throws tonight, it seemed like the ball was sailing. Was it wet?

"Wet and sandy. Every time you took a snap, when Sean [Mahan] would snap it, water and sand would come up into your face and it would kind of get in your eyes and it would be all over your hands. Honestly, that's why Willie [Parker] fumbled. I remember when I took it, I went to hand it to him [and] it was soaked with a lot of sand. And it was tough."

Have you thought much about New England?

"Obviously, you think about it because everybody talked about them because they are undefeated. That's all over everything that has to do with news and sports is the New England Patriots. And deservedly so. They're a great football team offensively [and] defensively. It's going to be a challenge for us and we're going to have to come out and play great football."

LB Larry Foote

That's an explosive offense, but how big of a tune-up is it for what you are going to face next?

"It's definitely a big tune-up. We'll come in [on] Wednesday, see what they've got, then we'll put the game plan together and come out fighting next week."

Do you have a pretty good idea what they've got right now without seeing the game plan and the film?

"They're averaging 40 or 50 points a game, that's all know. So we better get in our playbook. I ain't a betting man, but I don't think they're going to put up 40 [or] 50 on us."

Have you thought about that game at all, before right now?

"Oh, yeah. The political thing is to say that you're not. But, you know, they're undefeated, they're one of the best and we think about them."

What do you think about when you see the numbers they are putting up and you hear all the talk? You see they are on every show, doing things that nobody's ever done. What do you think of the Patriots?

"Better get ready. We know how explosive they are. We're so confident with our swagger. I'll tell you now, they aren't going to go down with us. If we play our game, we can beat anybody."

RB Willie Parker

Was that a hot potato or a football?

"I don't know. The one got away from me. I didn't feel it was a fumble, but it was. You've got to hold on to the ball. I let my team down. We still came out with a win, but it's still disappointing."

Are you trying to do too much out there? Are you pressing?

"No. I was fighting for extra yardage. When the field's like that and with those conditions, sometimes when you lean in and are trying to run the five-minute "O", you just have to put two hands on the ball and go to the next play."

Ben said when he handed you the ball on the one fumble, he felt sand and the ball was soaked. Is that pretty much what happened?

"No excuses. I have to do a better job of holding the ball. No excuses."