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Name That Browns Mascot Contest Winners

After some deliberation, I've decided on a winner for the following caption contest:

And the winner is....a tie!

Couldn't decide between the following two entries:

Stinkerbell - submitted by steelhammer


Make-Believland's Scary Sprite - by Steelady in VA.

Lots of great submissions, so thanks for playing all. I was just going to go with Stinkerbell, but I had to give love to Steelady's entry mocking the Browns' signs of 'Believeland'. When will Browns fans learn their place. It's Cleveland, no point in idol 'beliefs'. Bravo, madam. I only have one prize for now which will go to steelhammer. It is a Large T-shirt so perhaps there's something more fitting for you Steelady. I'll be emailing both of you.

Go Steelers!