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Steelers Limp Into Playoffs as #4 Seed

I'm sick as a dog with food poisoning (it's been one thing after another keeping me from writing this past week or so), so I didn't make it out to a bar to catch the Steelers game. Being that I'm in CA, I was subjected to Raiders-Chargers. I opted for Cowboys-Redskins. Congratulations to the Redskins for an impressive stretch of football this past month. It's not easy to win 4 games in a row in this league. It's even harder with your journey-man back-up QB. I wouldn't be surprised to see them knock off Seattle next week.

Because I didn't watch the game, I don't know who played, and for how long. I'm aware that the big guns on our team sat this one out, but how long did guys like Ike Taylor, Keisel, James Harrison play? Fill me in if you wouldn't mind guys.

Couple thoughts before limping back to bed:

  • Our defense is looking pretty suspect heading into the playoffs. The Ravens, who haven't been able to muster much offensively all year, moved the ball at will through the air and the ground. Not sure there's a magic remedy at this point, but as I've said before, professional teams can go on inexplicable runs. At the end of the day though, I'd have to say I'm very concerned about what Jacksonville may do to us on the ground next week.
  • That said, I'm pumped we're playing Jacksonville. I don't like the fact that they've owned us the past several years. No better time for payback than in the playoffs, where the Jaguars have been known to disappoint.
  • If this team is going to make any noise in the playffs, it's going to be through the air. For all the wishful thinking that Najeh Davenport would seamlessly replace Willie Parker, it's almost entirely unlikely that that's the case. A big game against the St. Louis Rams isn't enough to convince me he's able to provide the same big play ability as Parker. Davenport will be an integral part of the offense if we are to win games in the playoffs, but as was the case in 2005, we're going to have to be supremely efficient passing the ball early on. By the way, how did Verron Haynes look?
  • Just saw one stat that pleased me: 0 sacks allowed. We'll need more of that against the Jags.
  • The loss dashes the Steelers opportunity to finish the 2007 season with a perfect divisional record. I'll take 7-1 anyday though.


Hopefully I'll be feeling well tomorrow to begin exhaustive playoff coverage. Despite the rocky finish to our season, I'm still proud of this Steelers team and extremely excited for our playoff game next Saturday night against the Jaguars.

Also, the Name the Brownies Mascot winner will be announced tomorrow. Still time to win that Steelers shirt with a submission. Good night Steelers Nation. Playoffs are here!