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Ravens Theme Song: We're Following the Leader, Wherever He May Go

Brian Billick's players take after their embarassingly whiny coach

We have better things to talk about then why and how Brian Billick is losing control of his team, but this video shows in a nutshell the type of man Brian Billick is. Nothing wrong with being competetive and getting wrapped up in the heat of the battle, but when your coach engages in trash-talk and disrespectful gestures to opposing players, it just opens the door for the players to sound off after the games - or for that matter to lose control and get penalized for costly personal foul calls as Bart Scott was. For the record, I'm equally unimpressed by guys like Jack del Rio and Mike Nolan who think wearing a suit somehow bestows them greater professionalism and leadership attributes. I just want a coach who conducts himself with dignity before, during, and after the game, who remains intense and passionate at all times while not concerning himself with false pretenses of appearance.

I don't think I need to remind anybody about what was said after we dismantled the Ravens on Monday Night Football a month or so ago. And by now, I'm sure many of you have seen that cute little clip of Billick, as well as some of the borderline conspiracy theory quotes that came out of the mouths of several Ravens players after their heartbreaking last minute defeat to the Patriots.

Losing is always tough, and probably especially so for an aging team like the Ravens who entered this season with high expectations. And to be fair, there are plenty of classy players on the Ravens who did not engage in any discussion regarding the officials intentionally helping the Patriots extend their perfect record.

But still, at this point, the big-bad Ravens, who have played the big bully on the block for a number of years now, have been punched in the mouth by the league, and quite frankly, are doing a sorry and classless job getting themselves off the mat. That, my friends, starts at the top.