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Steelers News and Events

Real quick, a few links before returning our attention to the Patriots:

  • One of the things that makes BTSC enjoyable for me is the mixture of Pittsburgh natives and Steelers fans dispersed throughout the country that make up this growing community. For those in the Pittsburgh area, if you don't have anything going on next Tuesday or Friday evenings, why not go and meet Dan Rooney , who will be greeting fans and discussing his new book. Mr. Rooney will be at the Steelers Sideline Store in Monroeville Mall on Tuesday, and at Steelers Sideline Store at Pittsburgh Mills on Friday.
  • At this point, it's becoming awfully hard to keep up with all of Hines Wards off-field accolades.
  • Despite his recent struggles, Willie Parker still finds himself within striking distance of his first career rushing crown, and the first by any Steelers RB since 1946.
  • Our community projections for Santonio Holmes and for Hines Ward are looking pretty sound. Ward has a ways to go to fulfill our projections as a result of his injuries earlier in the year, but he has racked up some impressive numbers the past several games, while Santonio looks to add to his impressive totals after being shelved for the past two.
  • Not sure what to get a Steelers fan for Christmas (or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa)? Some cool Steelers garb here. Probably a bit late for this shirt, but just a taste of some of the creative, good-looking stuff they've got.