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Steelers Pass on Verron Haynes, Davenport Ready To Return

Due to the mysterious and inconsistent dissmenation of injury information in the NFL, most Steelers fans were hesitant to believe that Najeh Davenport injured his foot while on an elliptical machine, as was rumored to be the case. Turns out, Davenport's right foot swelled after receiving an acupuncture treatment not supervised by Steelers doctors.

Upon returning to Pittsburgh on Monday night from attending former college teamates' Sean Taylor's funeral in Miami, Davenport was examined by the Steelers medical staff and was cleared to play this Sunday.

Not sure what exactly to make of this, or whether this was a breach of contract on the part of Najeh. It's probably for the better that the Steelers were not forced to call on Haynes, who, despite his steady history as a capable 3rd down back, has not played in a professional football game this year. Welcome back Mr. Davenport, we may need you this Sunday. Not sure you did yourself any favors for the future, but for now, back to work.