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Excellent Ben Article

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USA Today has a great read about a week in the life of Ben Roethlisberger.  They walk you through his preparation each day of the week.  Very interesting stuff. I'd love see more articles like this that really delve into the inner workings of a football team.  For example, did you know regardless of home or away games the Steelers all stay at a hotel on Saturday night before a Sunday game?

I think alot of reporters never tell these kind of stories because they're around the Steelers facility all day and so its pretty mundane for them.  But I think the average fan would love to hear about this kind of stuff. As sports blogging becomes more generally accepted I think we will start to see this kind of thing.  Its starting to happen already in the NHL with bloggers getting media credentials and access to players.  Maybe someday soon the NFL will allow this as well.  Or maybe I'll just have to find a way to get into a Steelers game some other way.