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Schottenheimer out in San Diego

As I suspected would happen , Marty Schottenheinmer was stripped of his head coaching duties in San Diego.  According to a statement made by the Chargers' owner, the relationship between Marty and General Manager A.J. Smith was too 'dysfunctional' for things to continue. Basically it was the classic power struggle between two men--Smith and Schottenheimer--who like to do things their own way.

San Diego, who I don't need to remind you finished with the best record in the NFL, now finds itself without a head coach, an offensive coordinator, or a defensive coordinator. They're too talented most likely to regress too much in 2007, but there is the possibility that they don't take the next step forward under the leadership of their next hire.

14-2 and you're out. What a crazy league we love.