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Offseason Assesments: Quarterback

It certainly wasn't the encore we were hoping for, but there aren't many sane fans in Pittsburgh who actually think the Steelers have a quarterback problem. Big Ben's the guy, and will remain so for the foseeable future. Barring another motorcycle crash, you can pretty much take that to the bank.

There is some need for depth at the position, though, as veteran Charlie Batch will enter his tenth season in the league, while Brian St. Pierre is little more than scout team filler. Pittsburgh did use a seventh fifth round draft choice on Bowling Green's Omar Jacobs last year, but wound up cutting him altogether. The idea of drafting Jacobs at the time seemed like a nice little stretch pick, but the risk wound up costing the Steelers depth and, ultimately, a draft pick.

Don't expect Pittsburgh to try anything cute like that again this year. I wouldn't be surprised if Pittsburgh signed a veteran to be Batch's sidekick on the bench, but it won't be anything splashy.

Despite Big Ben's relatively disappointing 2006 season, there is no quarterback issue in Pittsburgh. It's Big Ben. So long as he stays off those motorcycles...