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Quick Hits...

*Anybody hear about the shootings in Las Vegas during the NBA's All-Star Weekend? Well, turns out Titans CB Pacman Jones might have been involved .

*The Colts look to be in good position to make another run in 2007. QB Peyton Manning and DE Roberth Matthis have restructered their contracts to free up more cap space in 2007. The Colts of course will have bigger financial obligations to the two of them in the long-term, but the restructuring will free up more than $10 million for the Colts to work with this offseason.

*Jason Garret has been named the offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys. Yes he went to Harvard and sure he had all the time in the world to learn the game with a clipboard in hand as a backup, but he certainly didn't do a very good job working with Miami's QBs last season. Then again, when you have Joey Harrington and Cleo Lemmon to work with....

*I won't rush to judgment on this one, but something seems fishy in this story. Could Correl Buckhalter really be trying to cheat the system so that he doesn't have to pay child support to an autistic child that he may be the father of?

*The Steelers new coaching staff has focused their attention to the Scouting Combine. Kevin Colbert, the director of football operations for the Steelers, said the Steelers are open-minded about the possibility of drafting any position, except quarterback:

"It's hard to see locking out any position high except quarterback. Really, we wouldn't do that."

Colbert believes the draft is especailly strong at the WR position. While the Steelers have plenty of bodies at the position, they may not feel entirely comfortable with the group. has Ted Ginn as the second best receiver at the draft, selected as the 15th pick. Guess who has the 15th pick? Holmes and Ginn reunited in the Steel City? We'll see.