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Quick Hits....

*Head Coach Mike Tomlin will be the first coach in decades to actually live in the city. Considering the Rooney family allows their coaches time to be successful, why not move into the city and etsablish a life for himself amongst the many things the city has to offer? He's certainly not too old to enjoy a night on the town :)

*Ed Bouchette, from the Post-Gazette, shares his notes from the Scouting Combine. The type of defensive player the Steelers draft, Bouchette articulates, will determine whether the Steelers employ the 3-4 or the 4-3 this coming season.

*Here's a good read on how this offseason may be remembered more for big-name trades rather than significant free-agent signings.

*Back-up Falcons QB Matt Schaub has been offered the maximum one-year qualifying tender of more than $2 million. The tender also requires that any team that signs Schaub most compensate with a 1st and 3rd round draft pick. The move tells me the Falcons have less faith in Michael Vick than ever before.