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Time To Revise My Postgame Speech

Right when the playoffs kicked off, I went searching through Google Images for the picture I was looking forward to posting with schadenfreudian glee. I found it, saved it, and waited for the inevitable moment when I could post it like the brat that I am. I even had the caption all prepared in my head:

From one Indanapolite to another:
Great job, Peyton!

But here we are, the Colts are the Super Bowl champions, and Peyton Manning is the Super Bowl MVP. All the fun choke job jokes must cease, Bill Simmons can never refer to the Manning Face again, and Colts fans are the ones with the last laugh.

Hey, I've been on both sides before... and I know when to back off with my tail between my legs.

So here it is: congratulations to Peyton Manning, the Indianapolis Colts, Brad, and all the Colts fans.

The best team won it all.  Enjoy the party.