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Quick Hits...

*Finally, some Steelers news! Pittsburgh has signed former Tampa Bay OL Sean Mahan to a 5-year $17 million deal. The deal includes a $4 million signing bonus. Mahan is intriguing because of his versatility. He started 8 games at center for the Bucs in 2004, 16 games at right guard in 2005, and 8 games at left guard last year.  Mahan is expected to compete with Chukky Okobi and Kendall Simmons for the vacancy left by Jeff Hartings' retirement. More on this move later.

*The San Diego Chargers have locked up all five offensive lineman through 2008. Everybody knows that continuity up front is paramount to offensive success, and the Chargers seemingly will enjoy such continuity for at least the next two years. Scary.

*Goodness, even when Pacman Jones is out doing wholesome activities with family and friends, he still finds a way to attract trouble.

*Color me naive if you want, but I think Ricky Williams means it when he says he's ready to give up marijuana and return to professional football .