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Quick Hits....

*As reader schnifin pointed out , the 49ers matched the Steelers' offer to punter Andy Lee. Pittsburgh hasn't given up its efforts to have someone other than Chris Gardocki punting for the Steelers next year though. Longtime veteran Matt Turk is still in negotiations with his current theam, the St. Louis Rams, but is also apparently drawing interest from the Steelers as well. Turk would be a nice upgrade over Gardocki, coming off his best year as a punter since the 1998 season.

*The past 18 months have been extraordinarly unpredictable for OL Chukky Okobi. Remember during last year's training camp when Okobi learned he had a ruptured disk in his neck? At the time, there was concern that the injury may even be life-threatening and career-ending, but Okobi miraculously battled back to play in 15 games last year, including 2 starts. Where does Okobi fit in now that the Steelers signed Sean Mahan to a multi-year deal? The Steelers apparently have told Okobi and his agent that he will have every opportunity to compete for the starting job. Okobi's agent Joe Linta made a good point when he said:

"We've talked. Everything's fine. Chukky's been told, I've been told, he will be given every opportunity to start," Linta said Tuesday. "If they gave this kid (Mahan) Eric Steinbach money, that would indicate he was going to start. This is middle-of-the-pack, lower starting guard money."
The good news for Okobi is that Mahan has experience playing multiple positions. There's a chance that he is best suited to play elsewhere on the line, giving Okobi an opportunity to play at center. The botton line is we have some options at our disposal this year. It may not be our most dominant offensive line this decade, but it should once again be a solid and adaptable group.

*If you're looking for a quick read on the history of the Rooney family and their association with the Pittsburgh Steelers, head on over to Steelers Depot, the newest addition to the ever-growing list of passionate blogs dedicated to the Steelers.