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Say Goodbye To Sean, Welcome Back Chidi...

As schnifin pointed out over the weekend, Sean Morey signed with the Arizona Cardinals. Morey was a seldom used WR who earned his paycheck on special teams. Morey was excellent in kick coverage, but I never really felt he was a threat to take it the distance as a kick returner. Good luck on that disaster of a franchise.

The good news is Morey's departure opened up the possibility of Pittsburgh resigning fan-favorite Chidi Iwuoma. Many people wonder why we let Chidi go in the first place last year, but you have to remember that Roethlisberger's appendectomy last preseason really disrupted what we ideally wanted to do with our 53-man roster. Chidi was only a special teams player, offering no contributions as a defensive back.

But, with Morey gone, there's more than enough room on the roster for Iwuoma, who I believe is the best special teams player on the roster now. We didn't exactly excel in this area of the game in 2006, and his departure may have had something to do with that. It's good to have him back.