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M.I.A. No More...

Between Time Warner Cable making my life a living hell and the transition to a new job, I've been around a computer at an eerily unsastifactory rate lately. Here's what's been going on in the sports world for the past 5 days or so.

*Most well-rounded sports fans can take off their NFL goggles long enough in the month of March to pay attention to the NCAA Men's Colelge Basketball Tournament. Last year it was George Mason who stole the show, making it to the final weekend as an at-large #11 seed. This year it's been the heavyweights slugging it out. Two #1 Seeds--Florida and Ohio State--and the two strongest #2 seeds--UCLA and Georgetown--will convene in Atlanta.

The game of the week had to be Georgetown-UNC. UNC was up 11 with about 7 or 8 minutes to play, before the Hoyas came roaring back. What impressed me most about the game was the competitiveness of Jeff Green. Billy Packer astutely pointed out that the Georgetown players had the more confident look in their eyes despite being down with only a few minutes remaining. That was a product of Green's unreal determination down the stretch. Lost in all of his highlights yesterday was a ridiculous alley-oop pass to Patrick Ewing Jr. At first it looked like an airball, but if you watch the replay in slow motion, it's obvious that Green is setting the table for Ewing at the rim after his man left to double-team Green. The matchup between Oden and Hibbert should be special next Saturday.

*How 'bout them Penguins? So much for any 'playoffs or not, this team is fun to watch' discussion. The Pens haven't clinched a playoff spot, but they're pretty damn close.

*You know there's lots of good sporting events going on when another Tiger domination hardly gets noticed.

*Baseball season is just a week away. If spring training standings are any indicator of how this season will turn out for the Buccos (and admittedly, spring training standings usually mean squat), well, things aren't looking that great. Schnifin and I (who are Reds fans), can't wait for the season to get underway after reading about how they've torn it up this Spring.

*The NFL Draft is officially just around the corner. Time to turn our attention to that for the rest of the week.