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Steelers Re-Sign Tyrone Carter

The Steelers re-signed veteran safety Tyron Carter to a new contract , the terms of which have not yet been disclosed. Kevin Colbert, director of football operations for the Steelers, confirmed the report at the NFL Owners' Meetings today. ESPN had previously reported that Carter had signed a 3-year deal with the Bears, but according to Colbert, the Steelers had come to terms with Carter as of last Friday.

The Steelers will have the services of the head-banging Tyrone 'Little Evil' Carter again in 2007

I can't say I'm that excited about the move. I enjoy watching Carter play football, but he kind of falls between positions, and is dominant neither as a safety nor as a cornerback. Barring a major injury to Anthony Smith or Troy Polamalu though, Carter should be relegated mostly to a reserve role.