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Potential Draft Pick Profile: Lawrence Timmons

Let's resume our series of who the Steelers might acquire in the 1st round of thde 2007 NFL Draft with a look at Florida State LB Lawrence Timmons.

With the departure of Joey Porter to Miami, and the imminent free agency of our other starting LBs, it's a strong possibility that the Steelers decide to take a pass-rush oriented LB with their first pick.

Timmons is 6'3" and 230 pounds. He'll need to put on ten more pounds of muscle to withstand the physical beatings of playing LB in the NFL, but scouts believe he should be able to do so without a dropoff in his speed.

Timmons has the speed and strength to play both the 4-3 and the 3-4

At Florida State, Timmons had a productive junior season, the first year and only year he was a starter. That may sound curious to some....a top 15 pick couldn't even start in his first two years? Well, it's Florida State, a veritable factory for fast, big-hitting linebackers these days, and he was forced to play behind Ernie Sims for several years before given the starter role. Despite not starting, Timmons blocked two punts, forced two fumbles, and had two sacks in the 2005 ACC Championship Game. As a junior, Timmons recorded 79 tackles, including 18 for a loss.

What makes Timmons so potentially appealing is his versatility. He could excel in either the 4-3, or the 3-4. He's got sideline-to-sideline range and quickness, and by all accounts is a physical, agressive, and vocal presence on the field. The fact that he only started one year at Florida State also means he has plenty of room for improvement in the technique department.

At the 2007 NFL Combine, Timmons ran a 4.66 40-yard dash, recorded a 35' vertical leap, and did 25 reps of 225 lbs on the bench press.

Timmons was apparently disappointed by his time in the 40, and he was reportedly winded between the positional drills he participated in. This led to an exchange between his agent Drew Rosenhaus (uh-oh, we may pass on him just beacuse he has Drew representing him) and head coach Mike Tomlin during which Rosenhaus assured Tomlin that Timmons would be in great shape by mini-camp.

Anyone seen this guy play or read anything else about him? He obviously seems like he has the physical tools to be productive almost immediately in the NFL, but I wonder about players who can't bother to show up to the Combine in shape. I'd love to have a big, fast FSU linebacker on our side in the future, but not if he's a prima-donna who isn't ready to work hard. I'm also of course weary of anyone who is represented by Drew Rosenhaus. Unless Timmons is paid handsomely at every step of his career, Rosenhaus will make sure he's disgruntled.