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Inagural SBN Mock Draft!

Now that we're in full-fledge prep mode for the 2007, now would be a good time to let you know about the first ever SBN Football Bloggers Mock Draft. Every single blogger on our network as well as some not with us will be representing their favorite team and making the pick they feel their team will select come Draft Day.

The draft actually begins today, and is being hosted by the witty (when not complaining about the officials in the Super Bowl) blogger Shrug over at Field Gulls. Head over there for an explanation of the Mock Draft format. Also check back regularly, as Field Gulls will announce each team's pick as they are submitted.

The Oakland Raiders are officially on the clock with the #1 pick. The plan is to stretch the Mock Draft out over the next 3-4 weeks leading up to the draft, so the 'clock' will move quite slowly. We'll probably be up sometime next week. The Mock Draft will end after 3 Rounds--No need trying to select obscure 6th and 7th Round draft picks that will more than likely not make an NFL squad.

So, in the meantime, I thought I would ask for some help. First, please share if you would the top 3 positions you feel we need to address in this draft. From the looks of our hugely scientific poll of 7 readers, you guys and gals are split between defensive end, offensive line, and cornerback. In the comments section, list your top 3. Then, if there are particular players that you feel we should draft at those positions, add that.

You guys clearly are as knowledgable as any fans out there, so time permitting, chip in with your insights. I'll certainly take them into consideration when making BTSC's officialy pick.

Thanks in advance! This should be fun! P.S. I will be making this a diary as well so it doesn't get bumped too far down the page. Leave comments here or in the diary.