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What a Waste of Time....

Why do coaches bother doing this type of stuff? At the annual NFL meetings, the coaches from the AFC North gathered round and picked who they thought would win the competitive AFC North. This isn't like college athletics where polls come into play. Why do we care who the coaches think are going to win. Shouldn't they be looking for other work if they don't think they have what it takes to make their team winners immediately?

In true PC fashion, all the coaches picked the defending champion Baltimore Ravens as the team most likely to represent the AFC North in the playoffs as divisional winners. All the coaches except Mike Tomlin that is.

When it was his turn to chime in, Tomlin said:

"Are you kidding? Who would you like me to say? You never have to worry about asking me that question."

You tell them Mike! I like a man who is more concerned with making sure every man in the organization--from top to bottom--is a believer than with spewing out the safe, conservative answer to questions about his team and its competition.