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And We're Off....

With the 1st Pick of the 2007 SBN Football Bloggers Mock Draft, Silver and Black Pride of the Oakland Raiders selects.....JaMarcus Russel.

No real surprise there I guess, although there seems to be plenty of disagreement amongst my fellow web-loggers as to whether or not it was a wise move. I honestly don't have much of an opinion on Russel because I didn't watch him play much in college. I don't give a shit what your Wonderlic score is or what kind of numbers you posted at the Combine if you're a Quarterback. I can't evaluate you until I've seen you compete.

Anyone here have an opinion of Russel and whether or not it would be wise for the Raiders to take him with the 1st overall selection, despite the team's glaring needs on both sides of the ball?

In the meantime, the Detroit Lions are oficially on the clock.

Quick note...of all the picks to come in this 3-round mock draft, those made by the Lions' blogger are most likely to be waaaaaay off base. Why? Not because Sean Yuille (who participated in the BTSC Pick 'Em Challenge) doesn't know what he's talking about. He does, believe me. Instead, it's because Matt Millen is almost a sure bet to do something inexplicably stupid. If the Raiders do in fact take Russel with the first pick, does Millen draft Calvin Johnson???? There's no denying that he's the most talented player in the draft. So, does Millen take the best available player, even if it does mean the Lions will have drafted another WR with their #1 pick? Or does he try to shake that reputation, and pass on Calvin Johnson, perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime player?

Juicy sub-plots...I like.