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Something, Anything...Please??

As we suspected, the Steelers simply aren't a big player in this year's Free Agent shopping spree. Last week, I discussed who we would potentially acquire to back up RB Willie Parker. Just a few days later, the Steelers signed Najeh 'Dookie' Davenport to a 2-year $2 million dollar contract. The deal included a $405,000 signing bonus, and a base salary of $595,000 in 2007, and $1 million in 2008 (I'd expect the Steelers to cut Davenport prior to the 2008 season, barring of course an absolute monster season in 2007).

Basically, the deal signifies the Steelers' commitment to Davenport in 2007. I guess they were satisfied with his 2006 production running the ball and returning kickoffs. I can't say I'm thrilled about the decision, but then again, there were no enticing alternatives--at least in free agency.

We're only a week into free agency, but it doesn't appear the Steelers will be doing much, if anything at all this season. It is early in the game, but most of the significant deals happen in the first couple of weeks. Looks like the Steelers are holding pat with their core group, and will be eyeing the draft to add a player or two who can help contribute to a Super Bowl run in 2007.