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Steelers' Schedule Set...

The schedules of all 32 NFL teams are out. Let's take a look at the Steelers' 2007 opponents:

Sep 9 @Cleveland 1:00pm    
Sep 16 Buffalo 1:00pm    
Sep 23 San Francisco 1:00pm    
Sep 30 @Arizona 4:15pm    
Oct 7 Seattle 1:00pm    
Week 6 BYE      
Oct 21 @Denver 8:15pm    
Oct 28 @Cincinnati 1:00pm    
Nov 5 Baltimore 8:30pm    
Nov 11 Cleveland 1:00pm    
Nov 18 @N.Y. Jets 1:00pm    
Nov 26 Miami 8:30pm  
Dec 2 Cincinnati 8:15pm    
Dec 9 @New England 1:00pm    
Dec 16 Jacksonville 1:00pm    
Dec 20 @St. Louis 8:15pm  
Dec 30 @Baltimore 1:00pm

Couple of notes about the schedule:

  1. What a nice stretch to start the season. Nothing is a given of course in this league, but a 5-0 or 4-1 start is very much conceivable. Compare that with the first 5 games of last year: Miami, @ JAX, Cincinnati, @ SD, KC.
  2. What a great month Novemeber is going to be. Thanksgiving, the return of college basketball, and three Steeler home games--two of which are on Monday Night! Leaving aside the entertainment factor for us fans, it's important to be playing good football heading into the month of December. Since home teams rarely lose on MNF, I'm optimistic that we should be in good shape heading into the home stretch. Combined with our two Sunday Night primetime appearances against Denver and Cincinnati, plus our Thursday night game againstSt. Louis, the Steelers will be on national television 5 times this year.
  3. Speaking of that final month--it's brutal. First we play Cincy in a game that will have playoff implications for both AFC North teams, at New England, home against a Jaguars team that always plays us tough, at St. Louis where the Rams are infinitely better than they are on the road, and at Baltimore. Let's hope our playoff chances don't come down to that last contest against the Ravens.