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Columnists Can't Wait for Draft Day to Arrive...

Want proof that every last angle has already been taken by columnists all across America? How about Jim Reineking of Fictional Football Player Mock Draft.

Reineking has Oakland selecting QB John Kane from The Program, a good, but somewhat hyperbolic and ridiculous football movie made in 1993. Reineking has the Steelers selecting LB Charles Jefferson from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, a fabulously wonderful 80s movie, but hardly known for its football scenes.

Personally, I would have broken the bank to trade up to draft Johnny Utah from Point Break, Keanu Reeves' absolute pinnacle of cheesy machismo and hysterically bad acting.

Whooooa....I'm going to be in the NFL. This can't be real! Vaya con Dios....bra

Anyway, fun idea by Reineking to kill some time as we head down the home stretch leading to the 2007 NFL Draft.