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Surprise! Latest Mock Drafts Disagree!

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One last look at what folks are projecting before the Big Show tomorrow.

For those of you who will be around computers tomorrow, we'll have Open Threads up throughout the day, with regular updates and commentary on the Steelers' selections. There's a great deal of uncertainty surrounding this year's draft, which could make for some interesting storylines tomorrow. Be sure to join us here throughout the day as the fun unfolds.

Over at, Pat Kirwan has the Steelers selecting local cornerback star Darrelle Reevis from the University of Pittsburgh. Kirwan's colleague Vic Carucci sees the Steelers taking Nebraska defensive end Adam Carriker.

SI's Peter King forsees a Darrelle Reevis selection; his colleague Don Banks agrees.

Fox Sports' Jay Glazer has the Steelers drafting Miami linebacker Jon Beason.

Finally, at CBS Sportsline's mock draft hub, The Sports XChange has Michigan cornerback Leon Hall falling to the Steelers, while Clark Judge and Pete Prisco see a Carriker selection.

What should we gather from this?

Probably nothing. No one ever agrees on what will happen, and Pittsburgh usually winds up picking someone that no one predicted they'd take.

I'm excited...