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Short Punts From Old Guys Are A Thing Of The Past In Pittsburgh

After one of the oddest first draft days in recent Steeler history, Pittsburgh kept the momentum on Sunday by trading up to nab the player they had to have... Baylor Bears punter Daniel Sepulveda!

If this isn't the first time a team has traded up to draft a punter, I'll guarantee you that the list is a short one. Steeler fans may be shaking their heads right now, but this is one more time when my other blog gives me some useful perspective.

Sepulveda is far from an ordinary punter. He's a freak. By his senior season, he was averaging a whopping 46.5 yards per punt, and his long punt from each of his junior and senior seasons was a 78 yarder. Frankly, he might just be the best pro prospect out of Baylor in recent history.

While drafting a punter is pretty damn unsexy (let alone trading up to do so), I'll ask Steeler fans to give this one a chance. Special teams were a disaster last season, and this fan, for one, is plenty happy to see the Gardocki era come to a close.

And with that, as well as a hat tip to Ryan Wilson, enjoy watching your new Pittsburgh Steelers punter - he would be #37 in this video.