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We're On the Clock....

In case you didn't get the memo, we're in the middle of the inaugural SBN Football Bloggers Mock Draft. The draft is being hosted at Field Gulls. Here's who has been selected thus far:

  1. OAK - JaMarcus Russell, QB (LSU)
  2. TB - Calvin Johnson, WR (GA Tech)
  3. CLE - Joe Thomas, OL (Wisconsin)
  4. DET - Gaines Adams, DE (Clemson)
  5. ARI - Levi Brown, OT (Penn St.)
  6. WAS - Jamaal Anderson, DE (Arkansas)
  7. MIN - Adrian Peterson, RB (Oklahoma)
  8. ATL - LaRon Landry, S (LSU)
  9. MIA - Brady Quinn, QB (Notre Dame)
  10. BUF - Patrick Willis, LB (Mississippi)
  11. SF - Adam Carriker, DE (Nebraska)
  12. DEN - Alan Branch, DT (Michigan)
  13. STL - Amobi Okoye, DT (Louisville)
  14. CAR - Reggie Nelson, S (Florida)
Now's the time to speak up and make a case for who we should take. BTSC will submit its pick in a few hours, hopefully after some of you have chimed in.