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Faneca, Faneca... Faneca!

My goodness - everywhere you turn these days, it's another Faneca story popping up.

Dan Rooney is worried for Faneca's health (sort of), the business of escalating NFL contracts is the topic of the week, and Faneca's agent, Rick Smith, is trying to mop up the wreckage.

The worst of it is that these sorts of situations rarely have happy endings. It's one thing for two parties in an issue to have a heated negotiation behind closed doors, but quite another when the ruckus spills over into the media. Once that happens, there's a better than even chance that things will get even uglier.

Pittsburgh really can't afford to be dealing with this right now - both because Faneca is a critical part of an already questionable offensive line and because the last thing Pittsburgh wants is another offseason like 2006. Unfortunately, where Pittsburgh once enjoyed quiet, unassuming spring and summer months - turbulence has become the norm.

Fingers crossed, Steelers fans.