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Steelers News

Schnifin here, cgolden and I are going to be posting for a few days while Blitz and SteelerFan are on vacation.  

On to the Steelers news, we not suprisingly released punter Chris Gardocki today.

It was pretty obvious this was coming when we traded up to get Daniel Sepulveda in the 4th round of the draft. There is no reason Sepulveda can't be the starting punter from day 1 and for the forseeable future. Although it wasn't a sexy pick, I think it will pay serious dividendsd for the Steelers.  And hey he can't be any worse than Omar Jacobs or Fred Gibson right?

Also mark your calendars Steelers single game tickets go on sale Saturday June 23 at 10AM ET.

They're doing things differently this year so make sure you check out the details if you're interested.