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Woodley returns...

Hey everyone, I too will be posting things occassionally. The only thing I  have to add today is the Lamar Woodley returned to the practice field today.. via Woodley returns to the practice field

The article says most of it but I must say that I'm encouraged to see him back on the field.  I also have read rumors on ESPN that state that Woodley might see some reps at the ILB spot as well.  Either way, we'll get to see how versatile this man will be on our team.

Amidst all the recent hub-bub of negative publicity coming out of the Steelers organization (porn on computers, faneca etc.) I came across this feel-good story of a Pittsburgh Native particiating in OTA -Organized Team Activity.
If you all remember Rasheed Marshall from his WVU playing days you will recognize him.