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A couple of interesting links for today

First off a story about the mythical (well maybe not quite) Pittsburgh no-huddle offense from Ed Bouchette at the Post-Gazette. We saw glimpses of the no huddle last preseason, interestingly enough against Mike Tomlin's Vikings defense, but then we didn't see it much at all in the regular season. I for one am all for it, I saw Ben run the no-huddle offense in college and that is definitely where he is most comfortable. Also it will allow us to create mismatches with what may end up being the fastest package of skill players in the NFL.

Next up, an article on Santonio . Of course articles like this don't mean a whole lot, but its good to see that Santonio seems to be settling into his role. Also interesting in this article was that Anthony Smith, a 3rd rounder last year, was not taking reps with the first team. Of course its only May, but I like having Smith as our starting free safety this year. Sure he doesn't have the experience but he made plays whenever he was in last year. Lastly buried in the article was this gem,

Willie Reid attended practice but didn't workout, most likely to rest his rehabilitated foot. Reid had been flashing mad return skills this spring

Hopefully thats just speculation about his foot still bothering him, but man I am excited to see Willie Reid contribute this year.

Lastly two new competing sites you guys might find interesting. Big Ben News is staying on top of Ben's offseason. The good people over at PensBlog which is a fantastic and very funny Penguins blog (altough maybe not safe for work or those easily offended) decided that Charlie Batch deserved his own news site. So they have created Big Batch News to follow up on Charlie Batch's offseason, or at least a close estimate to what Chaz's offseason might look like since he doesn't get quite as much ink as Ben.

Hope everyone has a great and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!