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Does the image of the NFL matter to fans?

After seeing the great sport of football get dragged through the mud for most of the offseason with countless arrests, it made me start to wonder: do we as fans really care?  

Here's a quick list I put together of noteable arrests or suspicions of criminal activity by NFL players since the beginning of 2007:

Joey Porter & Levi Jones - fighting in a casino
Vick - dog fighting
Jared Allen (KC DE) - DWI (his second)
Chris Henry and Pacman - several
Tank Johnson - we all know that story
David Kirkus (Den WR) - felony assualt
Dominic Rhodes - DUI
AJ Nicholson - assualt
Jeremy Stevens - possession of pot
Steve McNair - DWI
Richard Seigler - Pimpin'

I'm sure they're are some that I missed, and in no way am I saying that all of these people are guilty, but in the court of "public opinion" the damage is already done.  The question I have for you is do you really care what these guys do off the field or is your interest in them strictly after they put on the uniforms?