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Something new to mix it up

Since there isn't a whole lot of Steeler information availible at this point in time in the year, let's take a look around the NFL.  Based on there's a poll there to vote on third year players for this year's "break-out" player.  They Include:

Alex Smith
Matt Jones
Mark Clayton
Ronnie Brown
Cedric Benson
Jason Campbell
Troy Williamson
and I will add
Bryant McFadden or Nate Washington

As I look at this list its apparent that the Steelers are not looking for a third year player to step up huge for them this year, as it may be true that they are looking for more of their second year players (and younger) to make large impacts early on.  But I forsee Alex Smith breaking out big this year, don't ask me why, more of a hunch and a healthy Forest.  Any opinions out there?