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Quick Hits

*Let's save an in-depth conversation about the Steelers' salary cap situation until we sign our draft picks, but here's the latest projections on where the Steelers stand financially this season. I don't have the link anymore, but I remember the Steelers being in worse shape in January. We're still going to have to be creative if we're going to lock up Faneca and Polamalu, but we're certainly closer to having that type of flexibility than we were at the close of the 2006 season.

*The big news in the league is Steve Smith signing a 3-year extension with the Carolina Panthers. The new deal is worth $38 million and will keep Smith in a Panthers uniform through 2012.

*Redskins DBs Sean Taylor and Shawn Springs are no-shows at the Redskins' first week of organized workouts. Let's see what happens with Alan Faneca when the Steelers conduct their first set of voluntary workouts beginning May 11th.

*Poor Donovan McNabb. He always seems to say things in a way that opens him for undue scrutiny and criticism. This time it was his thoughts on the Eagles drafting a QB with their first pick in the draft.

*Thanks to schnifin for posting about the Kevin Barlow situation in the diaries. No word yet on whether the Steelers will sign Barlow, but it appears a deal is close to being done. Barlow won't come with an expensive price tag, but he's not dirt cheap either. I'm not all that excited about the move if it does get done. Let's see what happens before passing further judgment.