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Steelers Re-Sign Hoke

Backup nose tackle Chirs Hoke, signed a new, four-year contract late last week. The deal will keep him in a Steelers uniform through 2010. The four-year agreement will pay Hoke a total of $6 million, with $1.5 million paid upfront.

At first I thought this was too much money to pay, but considering that $1.5 million will be prorated over the life of the contract (four years), it's barely a blimp on our salary cap radar.

Hoke's serviceable. He filled in decently for Casey Hampton in 2004 when Hampton was sidelined with injuries. Hopefully we won't see him on the field too much, as Hampton is undeniably one of the absolute cornerstones of our defense.

I got paaaaaid!

Good for Mr. Hoke though. He seems to be a well-liked hard worker who knows his role on this team. Now he's got some extra change in his pocket.