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So what's in store for Mr. Vick

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When I first saw this story come out I knew it would get interesting but I'm suprised it's escalated so much this quickly.  I posted a diary when the news first broke of the possible connection with Micheal Vick and dog fighting and said it would be a test of Goodell's power and integrity.  I'm not sure if Vick should be suspended for being indicted but if you go soley on the history Goodell has made for himself in the past year, then I think he must be.  Before you dogpile me though, answer this question:  If he was a backup nose tackle or special teams player where would he be right now?  

So the question is how many games do you think Vick will play this year and why?  

I'm putting my vote in the 5-8 game range.  I don't think he'll get suspended but I don't see him being able to prepare for a game if his trial is going on during the season.  Football takes so much more preperation than basketball or baseball, so him being able to pull off a Kobe like performance is nearly impossible.  Your thoughts??


How many games does Vick play in '07

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