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Big Day for Steelers

Finally an eventful day in Steeler land. The squad reported to St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA, the first team to report to their repsective camp sites in the NFL. Although practices don't begin until tomorrrow, the group convened to I assume chart out the forthcoming weeks and lay down a new set of laws in the post-Cowher era.

The other big news of course, is the signing of S Troy Polamalu to a 5 year extension, worth as much as $33 million. The contract makes Troy the highest paid Steeler in franchise history. It also all but marks the end of Alan Faneca's time in Pittsburgh--unless the All-Pro guard is willing to shortchange his earning potential in what most likely will be his final contract. As SIC mentioned in the diaries, Faneca has asked to no longer be named co-captain of the team this year. Sounds like he's all but packed his bags. But, for now at least, it appears he'll be willing to play out his contract and not cause a massive distraction this camp. We'll see how that unfolds though.

Congratulations to Polamalu. He's certainly an incredibly productive talent and fun as hell to watch fly around the field. There's no denying he's a great competitor and teamate that wants to be in Pittsburgh. I do hope he performs much better this year than last though. Of course injuries slowed him down at various times, but I wonder if he'll be able to consistenyl avoid the injury bug if he plays with the same type of abandon that we've grown to accustomed to. Again, we'll just cross out fingers and hope for now, while giving thanks that we have him locked up for the rest of the decade.

Ben, turn things around this year and you'll more than likely strip Polamalu's current status as highest-paid player in team history. Reports from first day of camp to come tomorrow. Get excited everyone! Football is upon us. Go Steelers!