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And We're Off

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The Steelers' 2007 training camp is underway. Yesterday was techinically the opening day, but today marked the first day of workouts, and from all accounts, it was a tough, physical day. Post-Gazzette columnist, Ed Bouchette, held a live chat from Latrobe, answering fans questions about what he saw out there today, as well as what he thought about the Steelers' chances in '07. Here are some of the tidbits I found most interesting:

Parkersburger: What made the first day of practice so tough?

Ed Bouchette: Lot of physical play.

steeeeeefullll: Is Tomlin really a tough coach or is it all hype?

Ed Bouchette: He's not a Tom Coughlin-tough guy. His practices are tough, at least this first one was, and he's no-nonsense in many ways, but he's also upbeat and seems to get along with his players.

LA_Steeler_Lover: It seems to me that in recent times we have made efforts to improve/solidify many aspects of the team except the OL line. Now with the Faneca situation and all how do think our OL line will shape up?

Ed Bouchette: That O-Line should be intriguing, first to see if any of these young guys can knock off a veteran starter, and second to see how they deploy their depth. Will Willie Colon play guard and tackle so he will be active on game day? What happens if Okobi does not win the center's job, do they cut him? Ask him to take a cut in his $2 m salary?

Justin_K: Keeping with the linebacker questions, do you believe Joey Porter will be missed on the field?

Ed Bouchette: No, except perhaps on the depth chart. He underperformed on the field. He was a good leader, and that may affect them a little, but I think James Harrison will surprise some people. They just develop some depth, however, because Harrison was excellent as the No. 3.

choppers: Through the mini-camps & OTA's, have any of the rookies impressed the coaches?

Ed Bouchette: LaMarr Woodley.

fool: How well can we expect the special teams to do this year?

Ed Bouchette: If they produce the way they practice, they should be great. I've never seen so much attention paid to special teams.