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Friday Night in Latrobe

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 I got to see most of the night practice in Latrobe on Friday and thought I'd share a little bit of what I saw.  In general the first team offense looked really good. They were practicing red zone offense around the 15 yard line.  Ben hit Hines for a TD over the middle, then Cedrick made a nice catch in the back of the end zone (He was running with the first team in absence of Santonio) and then a TD to Heath on a delayed fade route.  Its kinda hard to tell though if its the offense being really good or the defense being bad.  Also obviously there is not as serious of a pass rush as we would expect in a real game.

When the second teamers took the field the defense dominated.  The O did have a really nice WR screen to Willie Reid who blew by everyone for a TD.

I had to leave a few minutes early so I didn't see if they ran the goal line drill.

A couple comments on the younger guys. Sepulveda is a beast. He is big and was crushing punts all over the place.  He's also pretty fast apparently and they were working on some fakes with him. He is also going to be the holder on kicks.  Woodley also looked very good, he's a big guy and he blew up a couple RBs in drills. Spaeth is also a really big guy and I think if we use him well could be a really nice complement to Heath.  Gary Russel also had a few nice runs, he's someone to watch in the preseason games.  As mentioned before Willie Reid looked to be 100% and back. It wouldn't suprise me if he pushes Ced and Nate for a wideout spot in the multi-reciever sets.  I still think having Parker, Hines, Santonio, Nate and Reid on the field at the same time is an incredibly fast package that most defenses won't be able to keep up with.  Of course for that to work we'd have to be able to block with our front 5...

Timmons didn't practice but he was on the field in shorts with the guys. Santonio also didn't practice but he was working with a coach (trainer?) catching one handed on the sideline and was throwing to WR in some of the drills. He seemed to be moving around fine and I would expect him to be practicing very soon.