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News and Notes

Pittsburgh-based readers may want to check out the July 4th concert at Heinz Field. The Stickers (6:30 PM) and Povertyneck Hillbillies (8:00 PM) will play, with gates opening at 3:00. Concert attendees are welcome to stick around after the shows for the Independence Day fireworks show. (Keep an eye on the weather report, though, which is calling for afternoon showers.)

As cgolden reminded me, you may recall the Povertyneck Hillbillies from this video featuring Big Ben.

The Pirates and Steelers organizations have decided they won't block casino progress despite filing papers with the state Supreme Court last week. The Steelers are worried that casino traffic could have a negative impact on Heinz Field attendees. has a 'Where Are They Now?' feature on former linebacker Jack Ham.

And last, the NFL continues on the Goodell draconian death march, this time iron fisting new video rules for online sites. No more than 45 seconds of team or personnel footage will be allowed this year.