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2nd Preseason game brings first loss

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Well if you didn't live somewhere in the northeast you probably missed the Steelers second preseason game against the Packers.  I was lucky enough to record the re-aired version on the NFL Network yesterday, but I haven't watched the entire game yet.  If you have NFL network you should be able to catch every preseason game, just check out thier schedule.

From what I've read the game displayed the kind of sloppy play we should expect in the preseason.  Big Ben fumbled on the third offensive play when a DE blew by Marvel Smith and knocked the ball out of his hands, and Reed's only PAT attempt was blocked.  The offense did come out and run a no huddle during Ben's two series, but the offensive line was less than impressive again giving up 5 sacks.  

The bright spot would have to the starting defense again.  They held the Packers' starters scoreless and didn't allow any points until the final play of the first half.  Sepulveda had several nice punts including one that was 59 yards and averaged 49.8 over 5 punts.  He even downed 3 of those inside the 20.  William Gay also had 6 tackles and 1 sack.  

If you did get to watch the game what were your thoughts and observations?