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Several recent bits of news

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For the first time since July 27th, Lawrence Timmons wore more than a t-shirt and shorts to practice on Monday.  He didn't participate in every drill but progress is progress.  

Some think that Mahan's strong showing this camp and performance against the Packers have wrapped up one of the camp's more interesting position battles. Jim Wexell also thinks Carey Davis has made the team using a combination of strong running in week 1, and good blocking and special teams in week 2.  He also has some interesting notes on LaMarr Woodley and Ryan McBean.

If you had any doubts that all of the new 'offensive strategy' was just lip service, this is the first news that major change could be coming.  New offensive coordinator Bruce Arians hinted that Dan Kreider might not even dress for every game.  

"That's been traditional here with the fullback," Arians said. "He's another guard who hopefully can catch."  "The only problem comes on your game-day roster.  If injuries occur and you're short a place or if you want different personnel, that spot right there could be axed if you have a tight end who can do it. On goal line, you can use somebody else."
"Axed?"  That's a hell of way to put it.  To be honest I didn't anticipate change this fast and if it's true I'm really going to miss Kreider when he's not there.  He epitomizes Steeler football, in my opinion.