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So I Guess This Really Is The End Huh?

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I know it's ridiculous, but part of me has been holding out hope that Alan Faneca and the Steelers will come to terms on a deal that works for both parties. It's foolish to think so because the Steelers have an unblemished track record of not over-paying players, and free-agency payday for bigtime guards like Faneca is at an all-time high. Anyway, Faneca ain't coming back. Period.

"Knowing the end is inevitable, it does get you thinking about things," said the perennial all-star guard who plans on leaving the Steelers after this season and shop his value on the open market. "It's the last time for this, it's the last time for that. Thinking that I have X number of home games left ... thing like that. I try to stay off that road. I try to stay focused. But yeah, people are starting to remind me that this is it. Someone asked me about this being my last camp at St. Vincent. Yeah, it is. I'll miss St. Vincent ... except for that hill over there."

Faneca will most surely be missed, for both his contributions on the field, and in the Pittsburgh community. Did you know that the perennial Pro-Bowler has epilepsy? And that his daughter does as well? I didn't actually, and am shocked that he's been so productive on the field with such a risky and hard-to-predict disease. Anyway, 'Faneca's Fanatics' - a group of Steeler fans involved with the Epilepsy Foundation of Western/Central Pennsylvania - made it out to St. Vincent to watch Faneca practice and to talk with him afterwards.

It's easy to love this guy. I've heard little to no Faneca-bashing this camp, even though it's abundantly clear he plans on taking the money and running come the end of this season. At the same time, I've also not heard his discontent being counter-productive to the team. As per usual, Faneca is just going about his business in a blue-collar, professional manner.