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You May Want to Save This Link

I stumbled across a great site written by a consortium of clever women that provides both humorous and witty sports commentary. A good sports blog written by women? You betcha. Check it out. The link above will take you to a couple of recipes you might want to keep handy during the season. Here's a few pictures from the post.

Just a gander at the ingredients needed to make pizza rolls


Keep the ladies interested in the game with a refreshing and fruity adult beverage

So who is this wonderful lady and I wonder who her favorite team is??

It all makes sense now.

Football season is upon us! A new season means new opportunities to try new foods and drinks on gameday. We'll try to share a good looking recipe or two each week that a group of both guys and gals can enjoy while watching the Steelers lay waste to the NFL this season. And of course, feel free to share ideas with the group.

Go Steelers!