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Santonio Holmes - 2007 Community Projections

I thought it'd be fun and interesting to project the 2007 production of some of our favorite Steelers on both offense and defense.

Let's start with Santonio Holmes, the 2nd year WR out of Ohio State. Holmes finished 2006 with 49 receptions for 824 yards and 2 TDs, including the game-winner against the Bengals in Week 17 that bounced Cincy from the playoff picture. Those aren't bad numbers at all for a rookie, let alone one who only had the opportunity to start four football games.

Holmes has carried over his solid play to this preseason. He's made big plays in both preseason games, and seems poised to have a break-out year in 2007 as the Steelers #2 receiving threat.

My 2007 projections for Santonio:

65 receptions, 965 yards, 14.8 YPC, 7 TDs

Your turn.