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Wilson unhappy with reduced role

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Apparently Cedric Wilson thinks for whatever reason that Steelers QBs are ignoring him in practice and games.  

"Yeah," he said, "then you all talk about how I ain't [expletive] and I never get the [expletive] football."

He later explained that, for whatever reason, Steelers quarterbacks largely ignore him in the passing game.

"I can't help if the quarterback doesn't throw me the ball," said Wilson, the starting split end last season and still running with the first team. "I'm running my routes, I'm doing the right things. You can't help if the quarterback doesn't throw you the ball."

I can honestly say I don't really care if they are; at this point I wouldn't mind seeing the depth chart read: Ward, Holmes, Washington, Reid.  He's overpaid as a number three or four reciever and if he's going to complain all year about not getting enough looks he'll just end up being an expensive distraction.