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Steelers Defeat Redskins Late

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Today is my last day at the job that has taken me away from the computer so much this past 6-8 weeks. I'm busy all day tying up projects, but a few thoughts about Saturday night' game against the Washington Redskins.

*Hoooray, our fourth stringers are better than the Redskins! We only took the lead late in the game with players who probably won't even be on the 53-man roster. A win is a win though.

*The first team offense only managed 3 points in a half of play. We had several decent drives though, and that final drive before the half should have led to a TD. I'm not at all concerned about this offense's ability to move the ball during the regular season. Protecting the QB on critical 3rd down situations, and converting in the Red Zone may be more problematic, but I think this offense is going to be pretty good.

*The first team defense gave up 7-of-10 third down conversions during the first half. That's obviously not going to cut it. More on this later.

*Daniel Sepulveda had an impressive night punting. I think his average was over 50 yards, and his net was just a shade under 50 yards per kick. I hate talking field position, but it's an element of these games, and we seem to have a new weapon in that department.

*I hope Jason Campbell bounces back from his bruised knee, because that late hit by Brett Keisel could have been a lot worse. It reminded me a lot of the hit against Carson Palmer in the playoffs two years ago.

*Another preseason game comes and goes without any major injuries. This is all that matters. The New York Giants suffered multiple injuries to their starters. As have plenty of teams around the league. Not us yet however. (Knocking on wood).

Back to work, more later.