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Bettis Faked Injury??

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In a new book, Jerome Bettis apparently admits to having faked an injury in 2000 to avoid being cut. Bettis also alledges that Coach Cowher wanted Kordell Stewart to fail and be replaced by the cheaper, less mistake-prone Tommy Maddox.

I'm not sure why Bettis would feel the need to fake an injury in 2000. Wasn't he already firmly entrenched as a staple of the team and potential future Hall of Famer?

As for the Kordell business, it just seems kind of absurd that a coach would want a QB to fail. A failing QB means losses for the football team, and losses for the football team often mean unemployment for head coaches. Not sure exactly why Bettis has had so many negative things to say about Cowher since retiring at the end of the 2005 season.

I just arrive in California to vacation! I should be around plenty to discuss the final week and a half of training camp prior to the season's commencement in two weeks!

Go Steelers!